How to Conceive a Boy Child – 3 Natural and Proven Techniques to Get a Baby Boy

Does your diet have any role to play in influencing the sex of your baby? Does avoiding non-vegetarian food really help to conceive a boy child?

As you read each and every word of this article, you are not only going to find the answers to above questions, but you are also going to discover some natural techniques on how to conceive a boy child.

Mr. And Mrs Smith were not happy as they were blessed with their fourth baby daughter. They never planned for such a big family, a boy and a girl was what they wished for. When they were not able to get the baby boy, their desire forced them to make their fourth attempt.

Just imagine, how different your life can be, if you get the baby boy you always wanted in your first attempt? What difference will it make to the life of people, if they get the power to choose the gender of their baby? It has been proved that, by following some easy to use and specific techniques on gender selection, over 94% accuracy can be achieved. Some of these tips are discussed below.

To conceive a boy child, the female egg must get fertilized with chromosome y present in the male sperms. These chromosomes are different from chromosomes x which are responsible for conception of a baby girl in many ways. Y can not survive in a hostile vaginal environment as they are not strong enough and they also live for a short duration. But y travel at a quicker speed inside vagina. Keeping this logic in mind following tips on how to conceive a boy child can be utilized.

1) Diet: Weak chromosome y can not survive in acidic environment inside the woman's body. Therefore, they will die off before they reach the egg. Here, a girl will be conceived. To conceive a boy, focus should be towards making your body more alkaline, by cutting down on acidic food items like chicken, lamb and meat.

2) Timing of intercourse: To conceive a boy, it is advised to have intercourse on day of ovulation or one day after. If the intercourse is done earlier, then the chances of weak chromosomes y to die off before reaching the egg will be higher. Therefore, x chromosomes will fertilize the egg and a baby girl will be conceived.

3) Calcium and potassium level should be lowered.